AAA Doctoral Dissertation Grant Competition

The American Academy of Advertising Doctoral Dissertation Grant Competition exists to promote doctoral research in advertising. Typically, one or two doctoral students receive grants in the range of $1,000 to $2,000. Awards are based on a competitive review of dissertation proposals. Any topic in advertising may be addressed. Winners are expected to grant the Journal of Advertising right of first refusal on any papers resulting from the dissertation. Recipients receive half of the award at the time of selection and half of the award when the dissertation has been defended successfully.



Pradnya Joshi, Mchigan State University

The Ability of Brand Name Sounds to Metaphorically Convey Environmental Friendliness

Eunseon (Penny) KwonEunseon (Penny) Kwon

Consumers' Social Media Advocacy Behaviours of Luxury Brands: AnExplanatory Framework


Allison Lazard, The University of Texas at Austin

"Photo Manipulation: The Influence of Implicit Visual Arguments on Dual Processing"

Soojn Kim, University of Florida

"The Attitudinal and Behavioral Effects of Pictorial Metaphors in Advertising: Considering Need for Cognition and the Mediating effect of Emotional Response"

Jihye Kim, University of Florida

"The Effect of Message framing on Health-Related Decisions: The Moderating Role of Severity and Temporal Outcome and the Mediating Role of Repose Efficacy"


Heewon Im, University of Minnesota

"The Effects of Prescription Drug Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on the Medication Adherence of Patients with a Chronic Disease"

Yan Shan,  University of Georgia

"The Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Do Perceived Similarity, Membership Prestige, and Argument Quality Foster the Emergence of Trust"

Hongshuang (Alice) Li, University of Maryland

"Attribution Modeling and Optimal Resource Allocation in Online Environment"

Anna, Kim, University of Missouri
"The Why and How of Narrative Advertising: An Integrated Process Framework"


Jinhyon Kwon Hammick, University of Florida

"Building Brand-Consumer Relationships on Facebook Pages:  Effects of Socialness in Brand Communications and the Control on Consumer Feedback"

Jinnie Yoo, University of Texas at Austin

"Boicultural Identity Negotiation and Patriotic Consumption: The Influence of National Identity Activitation on Responses to Patriotic Advertising Appeals Among Asian Americans"

Nate Evans , University of Tennessee

"Activating Parents’ Persuasion Knowledge in Children’s Advergames:  Testing the Effects of Advertising Breaks and Cognitive Capacity." 

Heather Schoenberger, University of Missouri

"Worth the Risk? Online Behavioral Targeting and Consumer Data Disclosure Decisions"



Sun-Young Park, University of Florida

"Interplay of social distance, regulatory focus and involvement in anti-high-risk drinking advertising: The role of construal level theory"


Laurie Phillips, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"A Qualitative Analysis of the “It Gets Better Project” through the Matrix of Domination"


Sungwon Chung, Texas Tech University

"Motivated cognition in video games: The influence of emotional video game content on cognitive processing of billboard advertisements embedded in first-person shooter games"



HoJoon Choi, University of Georgia

“The Role of Self- and Functional Congruity in Food Advertising: A Model Test of Key Antecedents, Mediators, and Outcomes”

Sheetal Patel, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“The Effects of Affective Expectancies on Persuasion and Prosocial Behavior Intentions”


Y-Hsin Yeh, University of Texas at Austin

“The Influence of Brand Relationships Norms on Consumer Perceptions of Brand Transgressions: Implications for Brand Crisis Management Strategies”



Taejun Lee, University of Tennessee

"The Role of Regulatory Focus in Consumers’ Response to Disclosures in Financial Services Advertising"


Lu Zheng, University of Alabama

"The Impact of Narrative Focus, Vividness of Product Depiction, Mental Imagery Ability, and Need for Cognition on Transportation in Narrative Advertising"



Soyoen Cho, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

"Viral Advertising Effects and Trust as an Influencing Factor"


Hye Jin Yoon, University of Georgia

"Humorous Reappraisal of Threat Information: The Effects of Humor and Issue Involvement in PSAs"



Clinton Amos, University of North Texas

"The Impact of Visceral Influences on Consumers' Evaluation of Weight Loss Advertising"


Hyunjae Yu, University of Georgia
"Food Advertising and Children: Understanding the Role Television Advertising Plays in Conflicts between Parents and Children Regarding Healthy Food Choices”


Courtney Carpenter, University of Alabama
“What is Most Important to Kids? Developmental Differences in Response to Spokescharacter Appearance and Behavior Associated with Nutritional Content of Food Products in Advertisements Targeting Children”


Stevie Watson, Mississippi State University
“The Relevance of Skin Tone: Viewers' Responses to Black Models in Advertising”


Juran Kim, University of Tennessee
“Developing an Integrated Model of Interactivity in the Context of Travel Related Websites”


Carlos Valdez, Monterrey Tech/University of Florida
“A New Theoretical Construct in Advertising: The Cognitive-Affective Mix”


Federico de Gregorio, University of Georgia
“Forgotten but Not Gone: Implicit Memory as a Complimentary Measure of Brand Placement Effectiveness in Movies and Video Games”


Gergely Nyilasy, University of Georgia
“Practitioner Theories at the Advertising Agency and Client Advertising Department”


2004 Mira Lee, Chan Yun Yoo

2003 Joo Young Kim, Joo-Hyun Lee, Doyle Yoon

2001 Wendy Macias

2000 Euijin Ahn, Saovanee Tesgim, Young Kyun Choi

1999 Chang-Hoan Cho, Carrie LaFerle

1998 Kim Sheehan

1997 James Coyle

1996 Barbara Phillips, Kartik Pashupati

1995 Jill Schmid, Denise DeLorme

1994 Karen James, Mandeep Singh


AAA Research Fellowship Grants   

Members of the Academy are eligible to apply for annual research grants offered by AAA. Grants are available to both junior and senior faculty members and submissions are evaluated by the Research Committee. Winners are expected to grant the Journal of Advertising right of first refusal on the primary paper resulting from the research. Recipients receive half of the award at the time of selection and half of the award when the paper has been sent to the Journal of Advertising.


Eva A. van Reijmersdal, Esther Rozendaal, Verolien Cauberghe, & Liselot Hudders 

Toward a More Transparent Online Media Environment for Children: How to Disclose Embedded Advertising

Kate Pounders and Maarla B. Royne

Shame and Guilt in Health Advertising Messages: The Moderating Role of Construal

Russell B. Clayton

 “I Want to Smoke but I Should Quit”: Examining Smokers’ Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Anti-tobacco Commercials. 


Eunice Kim and Yongiun  Sung

Cultural Influence on the Effectiveness of Brand Placement: A Cross-Cultural Study of Consumer Attention 

Nate Evans, Mariea Hoy and  Bartosz Wojdynski

Changing the Game of How We View Persuasion: An Eye Tracking Investigation of Advergames

Eric Haley

What does it take to understand political advertising?: A study of consumer processing of front group messages.


Byung-Kwan Lee   

A Seamless Convergence or a Path Apart: The Advertising Industry Perspective on Undergraduate Career Preparedness

Nilesh Bhutada, Jisu Huh, Brent Rollins and Matthew Perri

Influence of Endorser Testimonials in Print Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising: An Elaboration Likelihood Model Approach

Murphy, Peg

A Seamless Convergence or a Path Apart: The Advertising Industry Perspective on Undergraduate Career Preparedness


Jennifer Bell

The Role of Emotion and Involvement in Fair Balance of DTC Prescription Drug Advertising:  Effects on Preceived Risk and Recall

Hilde A.M. Voorveld and Edith G. Smit

Media Multitasking and Advertising Effects


Susan Powell Mantel                                                     

"Inferred Efficacy and Product Risk in Direct to Consumer Advertising: Why consumers prefer products with more frequent side effects" 


Karen M. Lancendorfer and Bonnie B. Reece 

"Exploring the Role of Attributions on Voter Responses to Political Advertising"


Taejun (David) Lee and TaiWoong Yun 

"Investigating the Differential Effects of Syntactic Complexity, Financial Literacy and Need for Cognition on Investor Responses to Financial Services Advertising Disclosures" 



Monica Chien 

“When Sponsors Should Jump Ship: An Investigation of the Impact of Sports Scandal Upon Sponsoring Brands and Sport” 


Jisu Huh 

“DTC Prescription Drug Advergames: Educational Value and Regulatory Implications”  


Marla Royne

“Using Product Placement to Promote Healthy Choices among Children” 



Brittany Duff 

"Distractingly Good: When Multitasking May Benefit Memory for the Ad"

Susan Myers

"Finding the Consumer in Direct- to-Consumer Advertising"


Gergely Nyilasy

"Practitioner Theories of Social Media and Its Marketing Utilization"



Hyojin Kim, Jorge Villegas, and Chunsik Lee

"The Role of Emotions and Endorser Characteristics in Consumer Responses to DTC"


Rick Wilson, Brian Till, and Daniel Baack

"Outdoor Advertising Recall and Recognition Effects: Attention and the

Distracted Consumer"            


Jisu Huh, Denise E. DeLorme, and Leonard N. Reid

“Prescription Drug Information-Seeking Behaviors and DTC Advertising Effects among Asian American Consumers.” 


Yongjun Sung and Sejung Marina Choi

“What Motivates Consumers to Participate in Online Anti-Brand Communities?” 


Hyojin Kim, Patricia A. Stout, and Jennifer G. Ball,  

“The Effects of Corporate Credibility, Endorser Credibility, and Brand Credibility on Consumer Responses to DTC Advertising”



Carrie LaFerle and Steven Edwards          

“Self-Construals Across Ethnicity, Age, and Gender: Implications for Advertising Appeals"".” 


Padmini Patwardhan and Hemant Patwardhan 

“Account Planning in Indian Advertising: What Ad Agencies Know, Feel and Do about it”


Shintaro Okazaki, Morikazu Hirose, and Hairong Li      

“Consumer Response to Mobile Marketing Communications: Effects of Promotion Strategy,  

User Mode and Perceived Benefits”


Hairong Li and Janice Bukovac-Phelps 

“The Role of Virtual Affinity in Advertising Response: A Study of Social Networking Websites.” 



Marla Stafford and Susan Myers

“Direct to Consumer Advertising: A Look at Erectile Dysfunction Mediations”        


Kim Sheehan 

“Prescription for Perplexity?  How Risk Presentation Affect Risk Comprehension at DTC Web Sites”     

2005      Lance Kinney         

     JoAnn Roznowski           


2004     Michelle R. Nelson and Hye-Jin Paek                                                                  

Nora Rifon and Sejung Marina Choi                                                                       

Wei-Na Lee and Sejung Marina Choi                                


2003      Wendy Macias  

 Satya Menon      


2002      Carol Pardun and Mary Alice Shaver                                

 Wendy Macias                                                   


2002      Denise Delorme and Leonard Reid                                  

 Wei-Na Lee and Byung-Kwan Lee,                                               

 Cynthia Morton and Jorge Villegas                                  


2001      Carrie LaFerle and Steve Edwards                                   

 Julie Ruth and Bernard Simonin 


2000     Margaret Morrison                                                          

             Steve Edwards and Hairong Li                                                    

Fred Beard                                             


1999     Kristina Frankenberger                                        

Mary Alice Shaver and Carol Pardun                                


1998     Spencer Tinkham and Ruth Ann Weaver-Larisey  

Michael Polonsky, Les Carlson, Andrea Prothero and Dimitri Kapelianis                                                    

Peggy Kreshel and Ann Maxwell                                     


1997    Marla Stafford                                                    

    Carol Pardun and Kathy McKee                           


1996    Ron Faber and Dhavan Shah                                          

           Mukesh Bharagava and John Kim                                    

           Michael Maynard                                                

           Dennis Sandler and David Shani

        Jan LeBlanc Wicks                                             


1995    Cathy Cole                                                         

            Kevin Keenan                                                     

            Terry Nevett                                                       

Tom Stafford                                                     


1994    Charles Ray Taylor and Barry Babin                                             

            Debbie Triese and Cele Otnes                                         

            S. Scott Whitlow                                                                        


1993    Patricia Alvey and Linda Scott  

          Tina Lowrey, Basil Englis, Sharon Shavitt, and Michael Soloman    

            Eric Haley and Roxanne Hovland 


1992    Gayathri Mani                                                     

            Wei-Na Lee and MaryeTharp                                            

            Surendra Singh                                                  

            Tina Lowry                                                                                                                                                         


1991    Deborah MacInnis                                              

            Helen Anderson                                                  

            Spencer Tinkham and Ruth Ann Weaver-Larisey                                       

            Meg Campbell                                                    


1990     Youjae Yi                                                           

             Annie Lang                                                                     


1989     John Lastovicka                                                             

             Jerome Williams             


1988     Lynn Langmeyer                                                             

             John Rossiter                                                     

             David Stewart 


S. Watson Dunn Memorial Fund Grant 


This award, established in memory of S. Watson Dunn, is intended to fund future  

graduate student research projects in the area of global advertising. The Research Committee reviews competitive research proposals submitted by Academy members. 

2010  Jie Zhang

2000  Yung Kyun Choi

1999  Elzbieta Lepkowska-White

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